FIRST EVER  VR REALITY CONCERT to be conducted by the company THE WAVE VR and the Grammy award winner singer and song writer IMOGEN HEAP(English singer ,song writer ,record producer and audio engineer) ,popularly known for her singing live while wearing her gesture controlled gloves.She is also known for her project MYCELIA and her outstanding electronic music .

In an interview she was asked how this idea came to her mind and she said this when she had her first encounter with VR REALITY .She said it was a great and a very real experience where VR made us so close to the space and felt so connected.It was like more real,interactive,social and so much close interaction with every single atom in space so close!

Isnt this close to magic while you have a real experience like you travel in space (Social VR -The WAVE VR). For her VR CONCERT green screen is also used to make every single move of her like real.

Some of you have seen the movie  READY PLAYER ONE where the filmmaker Steven Speilberg makes the Science Fiction action adventure movie based on Ernest Cline’s bestseller of the same name where whole world comes to a chaos and collapses on the VR REALITY universe created by the brilliant James Halliday after that you know well if you have seen the movie if not it’s a must watch for Tech and Science lovers.

Let me now start from basic to the people who exactly don’t know WHAT IS VR REALITY?

VR REALITY is a computer generated  environment in which a person can interact with multi projected images ,it is a combination of realistic type objects or a theme or any fantastical world you could dream of .A person using  VR REALITY Equipments  like headsets( currently in trend )

Is able to look around the Artificial computer generated world,move around it ,and interact with VR features with the help of a head display with a small fully closed screen in front of their eyes.

VR REALITY is nothing but space or we can say a cyberspace where we can interact with 3d molecules that are computer generated.

The technology behind it is the VRML known as VIRTUAL REALITY MODELLING LANGUAGE which uses many algorithms ,gyroscopic environment,360 degree imaging and video to produce 3d structures like these  to create a real life like an artificial environment.

Game like Pokemon go which have been one of the top charts in past two years was based on AR REALITY or we can say Augumented reality where both your device and real world are connected to each other and reflect imaging like real but due to that many people have faced accidents,falls ,severe injuries and I once saw a news in which people in some country hijacked a place because there were chances of finding a rare Pokemon.This made me realize that everything like here we are talking about technology has advantages but on the opposite side there are disadvantages too on people so here VR REALITY too has some disadvantages as while your headsets are mounted to your eyes and ears you cant see and listen outside of that which can make you smash on wall or hit into any sharp object or any other equations can happen which should be taken care of while all the companies are making these products into the world.

My person review on this would be good as we would experience something new  in VR REALITY after all this what everyone wants today and yes it will change our world of music as you see a person breaking into millions of pixels which is a mesmerizing experience after all.IS THIS THE FUTURE OF MUSIC !!

At last I would only say IS THIS THE FUTURE !!

Thank you !

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