HYPERLOOP has been one of the most trending topic of technology being into talk in recent years. This has been one of the great projects on which various countries are working including USA, Dubai, India, China and all of them have shown tremendous amount of interest in this new mode of transportation. It can be the new, better and the fastest mode of transportation with an average speed of 1000 km per hour. As you can imagine from Los Angeles to San Diago, From Mumbai to Pune and from Dubai to Abu Dhabi HYPERLOOP will cover distance in less than 15 minutes.

We all can imagine the and impact this HYPERLOOP, a new mode of transportation can make on the world. As it will save time which is the most important thing in this world is everyone running out of.

HYPERLOOP is a capsule type closed chamber in which passengers will sit. It will work on electricity as all the air from its chamber will be washed out creating a vaccum, as it will work on the principle of magnetism having a rotor and electromagnets , rotor on the capsule and the electromagnets which will be linear on the track as it moves due to magnetic levitation capsule will slightly come in the air making as if the capsule is flying on the track of electromagnets due to the vaccum creating a sky inside the tube. It will look like as if the capsule  is flying in the sky.

HYPERLOOP will not only be used for just transporting people, with more and more use in the future it will also help transporting goods. After all goods import and export is a very important and a crucial part of the world economy and trading.

There are many companies like HTT HYPERLOOP Transportation Technologies of Elon Musk, Virgin HYPERLOOP One which are a collaboration of students, engineer, architects and many scientists have teamed up from different parts of the country to make this dream real.

At last I would only say that it all starts with a dream HYPERLOOP was a dream or we can say an imagination of ELON MUSK which he saw is going to be real in few years. Lets hope that the people who are working day and night in making this dream real will succeed on day and will definitely change the map of the world and world would never be same after this new mode of transportation.IS THIS THE FUTURE!

Thank you!

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