We all have seen the new generation Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 which is said to have the LIQUID COOLING to cool down the processors while gaming or any high end work you are doing on your phone. Recently Xiaomi has also released its minor subsidiary POCO phone which also has this system of LIQUID COOLING.

This was introduced and came into trend back in 2016 and 2017 where the trend of gaming made this need into the computer’s CPUs which while giving high performance becomes so hot that they needed a better method to cool down, then LIQUID COOLING system was made into work and is now used everywhere if you have a high end pc .

Basically LIQUID COOLING system uses water, dielectric fluids , deionized water etc. circulates down the engine to the radiator ,there are two pipes one which takes cooled water to the chips and the other which send back the conducted hot water to the radiator and then sent back again after cooling.

Yes this has made and is a next updated version of cooling down the processor chips with which we can maintain the temperature and heat in our pc as liquid state is better at conducting heat than gas or air, we know after making an egg on a frying pen we doesn’t just leave it on the table to cool it down or blow air on it we pour water on it to cool it down.

As this the trend of gaming we have seen companies like ASUS and RAZOR have made their flagship gaming phones which is using LIQUID COOLING technology in them.

I don’t know exactly but after seeing some videos on Youtube I saw the interior of the note 9 as it just contains a copper heat sink plate with maybe some water vapour in it with a plane rod which will make the heat dissipation not exactly we can say Liquid cooling as there are no bulky and big cylindrical pipes like in high end pcs. But it will solve heating issues of phones upto some better extent.

Early this year in Google IO2018 CEO of Google Sundar Pichai  talked about their new TPU 3.0 servers where they had to introduce the LIQUID COOLING system in them to maintain the temperatures as it is the era of Artificial Intelligence and TPU known as Tensor processing units are also used to keep the Google’s data of Artificial intelligence programs and their data and information .

The temperatures should be maintained between 10 to 27 degrees of Celsius as if the Google servers are down or something bad happens or the temperature is not maintained then we all can imagine what could happen as we all have seen the movie DIE HARD-Fire Sale.

There are always disadvantages to everything as LIQUID COOLING system could damage or destroy the pc if there is any type of leakage but if there is any leakage it can also shot circuit the pc , so as we know the technology is becoming faster, better, intelligent and smart day by day we must also take care of these things too.


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