We all are daily using and implementing technology literally everywhere. From our mobile phones to our home to offices tech is literally everywhere. We are using taxi for almost daily or weekly basis which is just a text message away and within 5 minutes the driver comes with his car to pick up at the location. But have you ever thought of SELF DRIVEN, cars being driven by their own and picking you up from the location and dropping to the point .Well, here is the future when Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai in the Google IO 2018 talked about it being on a successful tests and run on the roads.



The company named WAYMO a self driving technology development company which is a subsidiary of Google’s parent company named alphabet which was just a project back in  Google that made this real . The SELF DRIVEN concept was first ever tested in back 2009 and its been close to 10 years as this is coming to real life. The Google’s artificial intelligence researchers teamed up with the WAYMO engineers to make this real. John Krafcik the CEO of the subsidiary made this fiction to reality.

Artificial Intelligence where the technology is more intelligent and successful. Prediction and perception were the main, core or we can say the fundamental part of the SELF DRIVEN cars. There are several algorithms ,equations, predictions and results when it comes to self Driving as if talk about machine learning there can be infinite number of possibilities where a car Is SELF DRIVEN. For example if a person comes in your way, or a speeding car croses red light or there is any other unusual behavior in front of the car that is where AI comes in place for which the cars system is trained through several possibilities so that it can handle situation like a normal car driving human being.

As it drives it uses LiDAR which sends millions of laser beams per second to build up a detailed image of the world all 360 degree angles around also uses radar to detect how far away objects are and their speed  and several high speed and resolution cameras detect visual information like red or green signal.It then combines all the data to understand the world around it.It can identify everything in 360 degrees and then predict what those things will do next .These cars has a vision more than that as compared to a normal human can see. The company has made their SELF DRIVEN cars drive more than thousands of miles with which they constantly learn new things so that they can drive safely without any accident.

Not only taxi but this concept of SELF DRIVEN cars can be used everywhere as an ambulance, fire brigade, and many other situations where there is a small chance of human mistake.

Company tested successfully and drove several people to their locations in PHOENIX, ARIZONA and will further be coming to more and more cities. Yes it can be a scary feeling sometimes If  You take these one of the rides at night while thinking that a ghost is driving or what is this happening. And yes pray to god that you are not drunk at that time which could possibly give you a heart attack. Sorry for that!!

Yes, my Favourite part IS THIS THE FUTURE and yes I would definitely like to ride in one of them.Would you!

Thank you!

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