Imagine if we could just give a command to the computer and the thing is ready within few seconds. We want to gift a solid object or a shape or any figure or a type of pottery with their pictures and photos on it .It has been made real wit the help of 3D Printing, which has also changed the aspect of making anything and everything in this world .With some commands in our computer we can make anything within time.

3D PRINTING has made a big change in the market and in every field  whether it is research, architecture, industries ,space, Bio medical Or anything .As the things we had to make with the help of computer aided designs , now we can directly make a solid and real structure of that thing and can test it in a better way. There are many companies who have made the material and design of various cars with the help of 3D PRINTING and had been successful. In research and aeronautical field Scientists are now using 3D PRINTING on daily basis to make new designs and shapes to test new materials and can have the real life experience of that thing in their own hands within no time.

Several companies have filed patents for 3D PRINTING machines to make their solid bodies if the objects as till now it can be the fastest way of making things ,As everyone in today’s world is selling time and saving it is the best thing a company can do to yield their growth and efficiency.

3D PRINTING can help in presenting everything in a better way where we have to explain anything on a sheet of paper and draw it in a 2 Dimensional way we can do it in a 3D model of a solid object which will be more easy to explain which can help students too to understand things in a better way to yield more and easily. The things in which we had to imagine the 3D dimension will no longer be a problem at all.

The most important use of 3D PRINTING is  Bio medical field as in no time Scientists will be able to make 3D printed Bionic working organs that could actually replace the damaged organs and various body parts like arms ,legs ,hands ,eyes heart and much more which is the most and the life saving or we can say life giving thing that could actually happen to our beautiful world and humanity could be much better people who never saw the world or were born without eyes could actually see and just imagine if its possible within some years as these all things have been tested and few have been  successful but have costed more than an average affordable price which will come down with time as the technology advances day by day , new and better things will be made and the world would never be same as the yesterday.

It also has some draw backs due to the news of blue prints of  guns of 3D PRINTING had been in trend in recent days as it is very dangerous if it is in wrong hands which should be taken care of as anything and everything comes with its advantages as well as disadvantages both.

IS THIS THE FUTURE lets see what tomorrow holds for us.

Thank you!

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