SHAPE SHIFTING has been one of the most successful and a great material after polymers and fibers which can replace or can be an updated and a better version of them. There are many types of designs and materials which have tendency to shape shift or can be made to tend them to shape shift. As its all about making things better and more efficient in the world.

Researchers at CU Boulder have learned and made a material which can is of SHAPE SHIFTING nature and will SHAPE SHIFT due to the change in the atmospheric temperature heat or light .It will response to stimuli like plants due to change in light and heat.

There are more materials which can shape shift like while I was checking my social networking sites I saw a SHAPE SHIFTING material which was made with the help of a 3D printer, it was a magnetic paperistic form of a material which was made with magnetic particles infused into an ink that was used in printing. This thing could be controlled with the help of external magnets and the best part this small man made creature could morph, jump, roll, walk, grab a rolling ball and could do many things.

This type of SHAPE SHIFTING materials could be of great use and could help us in future in many ways as it could be controlled so can be of great Bio medical use. For example instead of injections it could send a medicine or a drug into the body at the exact target region which could be controlled externally. It can be used in military purposes and can be a better and an updated replacement material. Many people are using many different type of smart materials on their daily basis which response to various conditions differently, like photochromic lens used in spectacles by people with blurred vision to help them protect eyes from severe sunlight.

As we can see the things plastic orĀ  elastomers or fibers have done to our lives .From wooden doors to Aluminum and from glass bottles to plastic. Everything has changed in our world so rapidly within no time. So we can imagine the SHAPE SHIFTING material which within its own name has so much power and we can imagine what this thing could do as the objects could just be controlled with in its range without touching it.

We all know that everyday new things are invented and are experimented under various tests and situations before it is launched to check its properties limits and also all the conditions it can pass, as we never know if a SHAPE SHIFTING material in a wrong hands could do to this world and what type of impact it can make on .As if there are good people in this world then there are bad ones to and could have a brilliant mindset but to use it in a Wrong way can be very harmful.

IS THIS THE FUTURE as we can see one more new thing added to this world to make it better.

Thank you!

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