Samsung’s and LG’s First 8K TV is here which has been recently gone on air and had its first look at IFA consumer electronics show that was held at Berlin, as everyone in this world wants a bigger better and the best quality screen to watch their favorite shows .As recent years have been very shocking when the first blue ray came out. After which 3D was experienced which is also becoming better an better day by day we can experience movies as if we are inside the screen.

After which in terms of quality content the 4K came into trend with better and best quality watching experience and a higher resolution of around 3840 x 2160 pixels horizontally and vertically, so we can already imagine what next generation of 8K TV could do as it is said that it will be having 4 times the pixels of 4K, or in other words 16 times the 1080p just imagine the depth, sharpness and clarity that would be given to our watching experience.

Samsung launched its 8K TV with the very known QLED technology while LG launched its 88 inch 8K OLED TV at Berlin on Wednesday which we can see is the future of TV.

As we know competition is increasing in every field whether it is company or a competitive exam competition is everywhere and every one want to be better than the other, which is the reason technology is advancing , every second there is a new and a better version of the product made.

Well the TV is here but what about the content that we will see what will we be watching until the programs and shows or anything like movies and music  is made in 8K.As this has been the major problem in terms of watching because for a 8K TV we also need the 8K quality content, even in case of 4K which has not been pushed all over the world till now as many big tv companies like Netflix and amazon are making their content in 4K till now the struggle is on, which is the worst part about this.

Lets now talk about the price which will be more than 10,000 dollars so you cannot buy this until 2023 with its rates decreasing not so easily. It is very expensive and could not be an average affordable product until 3 to 4 years.

So the pricing is also a big issue which needs to be solved by these companies so lets see if we can expect an 8K lite version or the cheaper version of 8K which upto some extent can be in an average pricing range. But yes IT IS THE FUTURE.

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