From remote controlled helicopters to DRONES, the technology has been advancing every day and night .Every second a new and a better device is coming into market. Companies are making DRONES which can not only controlled or just walk around with a camera on it for just capturing images.This is where the Artificial intelligence is coming and making every gadget better , smart and intelligent.As even DRONES are learning new things everyday.

DRONES are also using machine learning each and every second they are training themselves to make a better decision and to be more efficient and safe. Better GPS and analyzing of the object or any flying bird comes in their they can automatically slow down or change their path or show a warning on the controllers remote to avoid accident  .DRONES can be controlled from anywhere on the ground.

We have seen a rapid rise in the increasing use of DRONES each day ,from military and defence to Science and health, from entertainment to marketing and advertising, we can see these in use everywhere . Some cities of America have restaurants who have used home delivery of food with the of drones and had been successful so far with a fast and hot delivery. With in no time our cities will have pizza delivering with drones and in minutes we can have our pizza. It can be used to send medicines and other important products with in no time.

There are places like volcano surface, depths and heights where humans cannot reach or their body cannot sustain these harsh conditions there we can send these and collect valuable information as there will be no danger in sending a device and if there is any type of mishappening then we can just chill as its just a non living thing. WE can buy DRONES online for domestic or personal uses.

But there are terms and a proper licensed process to own a DRONE as many countries have made a limit of height (around 400 feet) which is max for a drone to used. We have seen movies and music videos with such a great captures of heights and stunts which are obviously made  as we cannot bring a Helicopter to the city after all. We would be able to paint walls of large buildings and skyscrapers with their help.DRONES racing has also been of the trending gaming in recent years.

DRONES could also be very helpful in trading and goods importing and exporting as it could be the future because trading is on what everything works and all the world is held together. Many big companies like Amazon are trying and experimenting their home deliveries of packages and online purchases .

With in no time we have to install traffic signals in air too to avoid accidents of DRONES and flying objects , just imagine if we can see the future like this shown in the movies and animated cartoons and tv shows. At last I would like to say that as the technology advance it should be secured too as if it is in wrong hands then it be used in a very dangerous way. Last year I say a company named REUTERS  of China which made a world record of most DRONES(more than 1300) working simultaneously at an organized event which was a beautiful lighting stuff that happened in BEIJING.IS THIS THE FUTURE!

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