GOOGLE HOME  a new advancement in technology.We all know that the future of technology is all about artificial intelligence from our smartphones to smart TVs , and from more intelligent robots to intelligent  cars. Artificial Intelligence is the core and heart of the latest technology which is this smart. Recently google and amazon like big tech giants have also been investing in Artificial technology.GOOGLE HOME  has made not only devices but our homes also smart, yes we can now say that our house is also smart, for example  to GOOGLE HOME device ,ok Google“please switch of the lights as I leave the room”, it will definitely complete your task within seconds as it is scheduled.

It is a speaker kind of device designed by google with some special voice recognition feature and if we connect our electronic devices with the  GOOGLE HOME we can directly control it with the help of just telling things with our voice and GOOGLE HOME device will recognize it and will convert it into machine language and will complete the task with in seconds and if it is not trained to do that it will speak about it that for example “sorry I am not designed to do this task”. So if we are working on like laptop and making any project and you just don’t want to loose your focus you can just ask  GOOGLE HOME device any type of information.

Like say to GOOGLE HOME  ok google“whats the top trending news of today” or “which new song is coming of Charlie puth” or “the near by pizza corner” within seconds you can get the information without even disturbing yourself and even not search while you are making an article or a presentation. we can schedule alarms and reminders just by telling GOOGLE HOME that hey google please  schedule this tell me take my diet at noon.

This has made so much like a friendly environment because writing something and getting the information and just asking anybody anything and then you get the information both are different things and voice recognition could be a better choice and wins the bet here. If a housewife wants to make or cook something new or different HOME can assist you with the recipe and will work as your teacher and teach you.

As if we are a worker , employee or a student or just a small kid we can have a personal virtual device like GOOGLE HOME of our own yes it will cost some bucks but it is worth after all it is your personal assistant whom you can ask anything and everything after all It is connected to internet and will give you the best probable result after calculating with various algorithms. GOOGLE’s HOME has been one of the greatest success in tems of artificial intelligence. Company like Amazon had also made its ECHO which is similar to Google’s HOME but yes the brand is different and there will be different features and functions.

I have personally used GOOGLE HOME and it’s a great device but I don’t know about amazon’s echo it will also be great as I expect but yes it is a great device to have at your home and it is like a personal pet with which you cannot get bored all day and night. Just call GOOGLE HOME and it will play a song depending upon your mood. While taking bath if you come across a great idea for your next article you can just call GOOGLE HOME and tell him to just note it after all everyone don’t have smart phones which are water proof and its too a better and easy way to make notes.


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