ZUTA is a fast, better smarter and the best part portable robotic hand printer where we just have to keep this device on the page and wait for just 30 to 40 seconds and there it is the page is printed exactly like the big printer in which you have to insert pages and which was not so portable like ZUTA, and I saw some videos on this device and its not only interesting to see but also a very unique device.

Because we know  sometimes printing is a very stressful task to do when it comes to a bulky or if we have to print many pages, and I am one of them who need a device like this which is a ready to go one and can print anything on just a piece of paper. It works with your phone wifi connection, just connect ZUTA and then print and print.

As you give ZUTA command of what you want to print just place this robotic device on the page or any piece of paper, it will detect with its smart sensors while the page is still it will move on the page and will print line by line. Line by line looks like a slow thing   but no it is a fast device and can print your whole sheet within 40 seconds. And the best part of ZUTA is it can print on any size of sheet because rather than placing sheets in a printer, here the printer itself is moving on the sheet.

From messaging to calling , capturing to videoing, internet to Social media , radio to news, television to entertainment everything has come in our hand just imagine where the technology is going towards and where will it or upto what extent it will advance in the next some years. Just think of mid 90s before where if we wanted to do a single task we needed a particular device, for calling we needed a telephone, for news there was radio, for entertainment we had a big giant box of television. Smartphones made our life so easy and go through, with just a piece of handy object we can do thousands like ZUTA, which is handy and a very portable printer with which we can print from anywhere and everywhere.

ZUTA  labs is a team of enthusiasts that has now made this device in production after getting a great response from various companies and people after also winning the innovation award of CES this time.

Well we can now finally say that everything is in our pocket and yes if you forget to make the printout after a late night project or a presentation ZUTA is definitely a life saver from your boss. And If you are a travel enthusiast or love to go from places to places or while traveling you need to check the reports of the upcoming meeting or anything ZUTA is a well pick.

IS THIS THE FUTURE as we can imagine how ZUTA can make our lives more easy.

Thank you!

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