ACER THRONOS chair: What A Mistake!


ACER THRONOS chair which is  truly one of the biggest releases of IFA 2018.We all know that it is the trend of gaming since two years big tech giants like acer , asus , dell and ,many other companies are working on making high end performance laptops pcs motherboards and other devices and also recently gaming phones for best gaming experience which are also setting a benchmark and taking the attention from the other companies. ACER THRONOS is here to take your gaming experience to the next level.

ACER THRONOS chair is a full package of all the high tech comfort you can imagine you want while gaming or doing any specific task. ACER THRONOS has high quality 27 inch three curved screens and best quality touch sensitive keyboards and mouse with a chair tilting angle of upto 140 degrees and can game with full comfort. This beauty meets all your expectations and you can now imagine things you can do as seen in the high tech sci fi movies.

ACER THRONOS has comfortable foot rests like any other chair and you can watch your favorite tv shows and movies while having your snacks as ACER THRONOS has holders for your favorite chips and snacks and the beer bottle too. I haven’t seen this in real but the released pictures of ACER THRONOS is none less than an alien high tech chair or the chair of FLASH season 4’S villain Devoe. There are awesome and some high intensity blue lightening on this chair with a circular panel holding the screens.

Just by looking at the pictures ACER THRONOS I am so excited about this device will soon wait for this product to launch and get a real life experience of it as it is a purely different experience that you will get ,but the acer’s predater series haven’t yet launched its pricing and date of launching as it is first shown at IFA 2018  ongoing event of a massive technology and new innovative projects and devices at Berlin.


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