AR wear is the clothing line or a concept based clothes which is said to protect you from any type of assault or any miss happening if happens, it is a type of shorts which can protect women from getting forced. In my personal opinion it is one of the most important and a great invention so far which can help our women to feel secure and confident.

We all see news and we can imagine every minute somewhere in the world a women gets assaulted or gets raped which is one of the worst things that could happen to a women or a girl as we can imagine just think once from a girls point of view how she must be feeling while this happens to her. Yes what is the use of this advancement in technology if there is no security for our females, which is why I wanted to rite the article on this AR wear which could protect our females and help them feel  confident everywhere.

I know its very shameful that we have to go to this limit to protect our women and wear AR clothes, I know that people who do assault should be taught a lesson but just think once that there are more than 7 billion people in this world who might think of teaching them all the education and yes dividing men to women ratio also the number is too big ,just think for a while that ok if we teach lesson to the bad people, but after all it will also take some time too and honestly I don’t think we can wait till that and till that time  we need something as a temporary solution till this world come to  a permanent solution.

AR wear is made of very powerful fibers which is very tough to tear or cut with any sharp object and can give full protection also it will not be visible under your clothes, which is a great idea in my point of view as women can have a relaxed and a piece of mind and can walk through streets freely at night or day alone.

At last I would only like to say that everyone has there own opinion and way of seeing the world I may be wrong in some people’s eye or may be write in someone’s, its all about sharing information and your own perspective of seeing things and share that’s it! I know that AR wear could CHANGE THE FUTURE FOR OUR GIRLS!

Thank you!

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