CLOi is a type of exoskeleton robotic device which is worn in the down half of the human body and is said to help workers in various factories, industries, companies and workshop who have to lift heavy weights and do long hour shifts day and night, its basic motive is to enhance human strength and is a great concept as it will help many people in many ways.

CLOi will make the work easy for you and will assist your legs as an extra helping and will make you more or less better and efficient .This device is made by one of the tech giants of Korea and is said to help many workers which sometimes get tired while doing work or may get injured, break or fracture any part of their body. CLOi can help workers withstand their own pressure can hold them and lets them in a good and a better posture while doing the heavy lifting work.

LG has said that CLOi will make a worker more mobile and increase its strength while doing the work and make a human superhuman by multiplying its strength up to a greater extent. CLOi is first shown at IFA this month and CES too, IFA an ongoing event at Berlin of consumer electronics market show with several new and innovative devices coming out every day.

CLOi in my personal opinion a great device which can help a lot of workers and employees with their work and can become their  own personal assistant which can save their back while doing heavy work or lifting a heavy object from one place to another .CLOi is not that similar to other telepresence robots which are build for people who can’t or are suffered by any type of disability and are given that exoskeleton to make them recover faster from their injuries.

But why to go that extent of we can prevent it, after all prevention is better than cure, But yes I will not take our topic on that side and will not compare CLOi with  other things as everything in this world whether it is man-made or natural ,it has its own specific purpose and should be treated in their own way.

At last I would like to say one more new and a great technology has come into attention which is here to make our lives better and will be one day used everywhere in the world and  in my point of view each and every country should invest in these things because we humans are the basic root of building everything and if we donot survive or could not work properly it will affect everything and should always focus on the basic and the core mistakes that are to be corrected as workers are the ones who are working in industries day and night to make new and better things , each and everything or any device we are using is made up of someone’s hardwork so I think which is the most important part that we should respect. CLOi will change the future and life of many people.

Thank you!

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