MOTOROid is a smart bike which is powered by AI and designed by Yamaha which not only race but could do many more things just than a normal bike. We all know that Artificial Intelligence is making technology not only smart but also making machine learning more enhanced, So here is one more smart technology based Bike which has been recently came into existence and made by Yamaha and had been displayed in moto expo 2018 in India before it was also shown in one of the Tokyo motor show in 2017.

Yamaha says that MOTOROid is like a robot which could directly contact with the owner and can be started with just an owner’s hand gesture and can be fully controlled with gestures and hand movements. MOTOROid has some image and gesture recognition technology to check the right owner and facial recognition feature which help in identifying the right movements with the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and with various algorithms it will come to a better result.

MOTOROid is a fully electric bike with 6 lithium powered cells and an electric motor which will be fully functional without any fuel. The best part about this bike is that MOTOROID can auto balance itself with the help of Active Mass Center controlled system which divides this bike into two parts and with various technical methods withstands it balance and move by itself if needed .

MOTOROid also has self build GPS and monitoring system with projectors and digital Led screens to monitor everything so you don’t have to worry about the route that means you can’t be lost and has various security features and built in power backup system which Yamaha says makes it one of the best and Futuristic bikes of all time .As it is one of the first of bikes and new type of concepts which uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning which has been used in them.

MOTOROid could be very effective in terms of safety if designed properly or could be a weapon like in the Terminator Salvation. It can take on the fuel bikes but will take time and could be a better option in the future. It can be a life saving for our running out fuels like fuel efficient cars and scooters, which are already dominating the world and making a huge impact on the people from the makers like Tesla (’s new electric cars).MOTOROid could be one of them but better and intelligent as it is powered with AI and ML.

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