FLEXIBLE phones has been one of the top talked topic in the phone industry as it is a thing which could possibly make other smart phones different from FLEXIBLE phones and Samsung the big tech giant has always been in top charts when it released a commercial related to FLEXIBLE phones back in 2013 and displayed some live events of them.

Samsung has always been number 1 if we talk about screens as their OLED panels have been one of the most important source of screens and panels for not only their own purpose but many big companies like Apple use their panels in their smartphone and rely on them as they are the best in terms of screen and FLEXIBLE phones or basically screens ,we know that this miracle could only be possible and can be invented by Samsung. We have already seen some of the screens which are made by Samsung that can twist, turn or fold at which they are best.

We are talking here about smartphones which can twist and fold not like previous FLEXIBLE phones recently which have launched like two solid screens packed together with a hinge, we can’t say them to be the folding  phone and Samsung here says that by the end of this year they will launch their first in the world FLEXIBLE smartphone, which will definitely make them the king of mobile industry and Samsung could turn the tables for themselves here.

FLEXIBLE phones could be the next new thing different coming in the market like apple shocked the world with the first fingerprint smartphone , which was a table turning moment for them as now it could be the turn of Samsung this time for their  phones as they could not only make profit directly by selling flexible smartphones but also indirectly by being a vendor of these screens as we know there will be companies who would love to put this new feature the smartphones, like apple who is already using their OLED displays  screens in their smartphones.

Let’s see what 2019 starting or ending of 2018 happens on a great note after Samsung reveals its big gift to the customers and people or FLEXIBLE phones could be the next most important feature after face unlocking and embedded screen fingerprint which will be followed next year.

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