We are all similar with the APPLE products but every year APPLE takes those same products to the next level as with the same streak 12 September is again a big day for the technology as APPLE has launched its new range of IPhones and other products like APPLE watch and new and better range of operating systems.


With the new and different type of display APPLE launched its first ever IPhone X last year which was the best ever IPhone made but this year that X is no other than has a S AND S MAX with it which has made the smartphone to whole new level, with the introduction of A12 bionic 7nm chip being the smallest ever chip processor made which is the perfect power house for this year’s IPhone as you can just imagine the rate of operations per second has increased from 6billion operations to 5 trillion operations per second which is truly next level as A12 is packed with a 6 core CPU ,4 core GPU and a new 8 core neural engine which you can imagine the rate of speed this will give. IPhone XS has 5.8 inch and IPhone XS MAX has massive 6.5 inch super retina full HD OLED display available in 64,256 and 512 new introduced variants and the best part is the IPhone XS MAX has the same size of that of previous IPhone 8plus but the massive 6.5 inch display will be a breakthrough. Camera is the most important feature in fact the feature for which IPhone is known and this time the quality is next level as the most important and the newest feature that is included in the true depth is that even after capturing the image you can adjust the blur effect according to aperture with a sliding mechanism. And yes the most important feature list of new IPhones will include the dual sim option which will truly decrease the market for other companies as this was the most hated thing and the part that has been missed for years in the IPhones. Gold color IPhone will truly give you a premium feel which was the main feature we saw today in APPLE event. Prices will be around 999$ and 1099$ for these two IPhones.


The new range of IPhone like the IPhone 5C previously but similar with 6 new premium colors(blue, black, white, yellow, red, coral) and yes the third IPhone with a 6.1 LCD liquid crystal display and size will be somewhere between IPhone 8 and the plus version as told by  the Tim. This will definitely increase the market of APPLE as it is the LCD phone with bezel less and this type of display panel with same features as that of IPhone XS but colorful Aluminum finish. Price will be around 749$ but will vary according to custom excise duty charges as per every country policies.



Apple watch series 4 was also the new and better watch with better and next level feature including first device that will let you take ECG anywhere as you can monitor your Electrocardiograph on the APPLE watch. Yes with same new and premium band and their Nike plus versions APPLE has again made it possible to the more and bigger screen in this watch better performance as said every part is redesigned and re-engineered with more and more planet friendly used resources to make their products more environmental friendly.

APPLE has taken a great initiative and always take care of the environment as they have made all of their production plants and offices powered with 100% renewable energy which is a very great step towards good, green and a better future and we all should take a step and learn these things.


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