We all must have listened about this type of data stealing term named COLD BOOT attacking ,if not it is now a serious matter to be taken care of  as it is confirmed by the F-Secure (an it security company ) that back from 2008 or we can say an old school technique to decrypt data and  steal it could be possible with the modern pc’s and laptops as they said it have been tested which could may create a greater risk to the big tech giants like Dell, Apple and other big companies and their products as after all it is the matter of data theft. And we know what could happen because everything is online nowadays.

COLD BOOT is nothing but just turning on your shut down computer after it is turned off from shut down option. And COLD BOOT attack is rewriting memory chip with an external device such as memory stick USB or we can say with physical access to the computer and booting a special program to decrypt all the pins and firewall security, and Hackers could easily access the data , well you know the future or result of this after all.

F-secure also said that this old school technique could also not be easily solved and could put tech companies and their users both at a very great risk and should take care of this COLD BOOT Attack thing as soon as possible because no one wants their private information to be leaked and be used for any wrong purpose or by any wrong person. We know that hacking is the darkest part of computer and internet as which is a good thing but if it is used in a wrong way then we all know the consequences of Hacking. Mr Robot could be a great example of it as some of you must have seen this whole TV series which is purely based on Hacking.

Some of the tips suggested by the F-secure is that people and big companies  must take care of the devices as they should never leave them on a sleep mode even  if it’s on a password or anything but you should purely shut down the pc so that COLD BOOT attack could be resisted to some extent. Or just put a BIT locker pin on your laptop when they power up their laptops as this is very important for the employees or higher level executives as they are the people who do these kind of mistakes and work on laptop or computers for hours.


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