We all must have heard of the term OVERCLOCKING as this means making your computer work faster in terms of megahertz or gigahertz especially for GPU so then you can get highest end performance for any software or any game.

Well Nvidia the one of the best Top GPU companies have taken OVERCLOCKING seriously after seeing the trend of gaming and the rapid need of more and higher end performance. Nvidia has made a tool named Nvidia scanner which will help you take the clock rate of your computer to the highest level and can get the best performance by OVERCLOCKING your graphic card more precisely. Like now you can control RGB ,voltage ,Fan speed, OSD, speed changing and even Screen capturing which will help the gamers to make their gaming experience to the next level and more precise and will get the peak possible performance.

Recently Nvidia has launched its big GPU named RTX series of Graphic cards and these will be holding this Nvidia scanner tool for OVERCLOCKING , RTX 2080 will be a great jump or a very big leap in terms of OVERCLOCKING and high end performance as we have experienced the performance that max q GTX 1080 is giving us and many people and gamers are enjoying the performance that the whole GTX series has given us in our pcs and laptops as from now on we know that every laptop and computer is getting the GPU with CPU for the better performance and that depends on the price ,that is the higher you invest the better you get.

Nvidia has been working with MSI, Gigabyte, Asus and other card manufacturers to develop an API that connects to existing GPU management tools, so this will be the first of many┬ánews we’ll hear about this new feature in terms of OVERCLOCKING and boosting the GPU.And Lets see whats more to come in the FUTURE of gaming and upto what end every company make their bid for competing with other companies.


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