SCiO is a great device which I have recently came across and can help you scan every food and consuming item with so much accuracy that it can even tell the amount of water it holds. Not only this it can scan any material around you and sends the direct information about it in your smartphone.With SCiO you can scan the sweetness, salt or any type of chemical composition just tap on the button of SCiO and it will reflect the light from the object and further will break it into Spectrum and give you the chemical makeup of the object after its analysis within 5 seconds, Isn’t it cool that now counting the daily nutrition value will be so much fun if you have had this device.


The most important and the valuable feature of SCiO is that you can scan the amount of protein content ,carbs content or any type of sugar and water content in any food or vegetable ,cocoa content in a chocolate and Yes you can do count your own body Fat percentage, lean body mass or muscle mass which for me too could be very-very helpful as this 300$ device which is smaller than any smartphone can just be perfect at taking the diet or the nutritional content  in a perfect way and counting each and every calorie accurately.

As it is very easy to handle and you can keep it in your pocket not always but yes if you are going to any restaurant or if you are a diet conscious person SCiO is a perfect pick for you. Before taking a pill just identify if it is write if you don’t trust your doctor as you know everything is available on internet and just Google the chemical content of your medicine and confirm.

The best part is that this device is very easy to carry, easy and ready to use and definitely a cheap and a good device on which you can invest. Here  is  one more technology advancement which has made or has out whole lab in our hands, from food and beverages to animal feed, from raw materials to manufacturing you can now test anything within seconds, Yes that’s the FUTURE that SCiO will make better, portable and easy.

Thank You!

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