DINA KATABI and her team at MIT has been working on wireless HEALTH SENSOR device which is just a medium size box which could sense your heartbeat rate, breathing, monitor your sleep without any disturbance and could be kept somewhere or anywhere in the house like your Wi-Fi which will work silently at your back and could detect if there is any abnormality in your heart rate or any type of probable disease that a person could suffer from.

We no longer will have to wear those chips or any type of wires wrap to around our skin and those types of wearable SENSORs which could irritate and are not that accurate. This HEALTH SENSOR device will help us and even doctor for better health care and patient will no longer have to wear those wearable as this SENSOR or we can say a piece of box could be placed somewhere and will do his work automatically.

World of technology and Science is changing  rapidly ,machines and devices are becoming more and more intelligent  so this device made by DINA and her team is also a smart device which is the combination of ML(machine learning) and Sensitive RADIO that sends signals into the outer space and then reflected signals are used as data to analyze the best probable result.

We know that AI(artificial intelligence )and ML will make this HEALTH SENSOR device even more better and smarter at decision making after more and more practice.

We know that chronic diseases, depression, heart failure or Alzheimer   Happens with time and are not rapid so with this device we could sense and detect emergencies even before and could prevent serious problems.

This device could revolutionize the world of health and could advance and change the entire community of people who are having serious problems of heart, depression or any chronic diseases. As this could directly send message to the doctor

if there is any type of risk to your health. We know that this HEALTH SENSOR works like Wi-Fi so it could even detect a fall in another room and smartly respond to it. Just imagine this SENSOR device at home could help so many people of every age with various problems and could help them with knowing about it even before it becomes more risky.


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