On September 17 apple geve the upgrade of IOS 12 which in my point of view is so far working far better than the previuos IOS 11 which had so many problems from crashing of apps to hanging sometimes and a very buggy environment.

Ahead of Apple’s big event which was held on 12 september this year recently they launched some amazing products and upgrades,with the new Iphones Tim also announced the IOS 12 upgrade which has recently been launched this year and yes we all would be having the same question in mind.

That should we upgrade it or not ,because of the buggy IOS 11 with a lot of upgrades and month to month new bugs the experience of IOS 11 was not that good but to be frank I also use Iphone and I recently upgraged the IOS 12 and yes its pretty amazing.

I know that we all love new and unique things and that is why people love apple as they are the one of the companies who always provide new better and unique products to the customers,but the most important feature of the product should not only be a unique and distinctive but also be durable and yes this time apple has taken that thing in mind and worked on the problems that were faced in the previous IOS11.

Apple not only has worked on making UI better but also they have given their time to the speed and performance in IOS 12 , so far the it is working good and yes the change in notification tray makes you scoll less too.

As with my personal experience the IOS 12 has better performance and fewer issues related to crashing and bugs. It’s just been one day and I can guaranty that the battery life is a bit improved.

With new memoji and animoji which were one of the new and unique features of the previously launched IPHONE X have been given a next level upgrade in IOS 12 with more entertainment and fun in the message section.We can now face time upto 32 people at once.

Track your children and set the limits for the gaming music and entertainment sections with time to time reminders of how much time is left for today gaming,and yes you can then track the usage which can help in parenting more easily.

AR tool kit too has something new and special and the AR reality has now became more and more fun and better,with the measure app now you can measure the real life objects with you phone with the help of AR in the new IOS 12.

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