KAUST university of Saudi Arabia could have found a better way to track plants, vegetation and agricultural fields i.e. a smart wearable technology that weighs less and could stick like a sticker on a plant and help people and farmers track their growth and productivity in a much better way.

Although testing is going on and researchers with the help of various Scientists could bring this device or we can say tracker in public to track plants and agriculture, starting with three countries namely India, Zambia and Sri Lanka.

We all know India being super power in agricultural field and most area is covered with the lands with various types of vegetation, plants and agriculture and many people survive and live on farming, so why not making it more advanced and better to get more and more yield.

This is a butterfly shaped made up of polymer and gold film could even show the minute changes in the plant growth after testing this smart wearable flexible sensor for several time and could be a real time benefit to agriculture.

Plants there are no need to mention how important is they are to this planet and how people with various drives and campaigns are making people aware about care and Afforestation.

Technology is always to be used in a right way like this being a smart and a true gift to the field of agriculture which could definitely in coming years will help people in making their growth more productive.

And improve the quality product without and artificial ripening or anything like that which is very bad.

Devices like plant copters and various drones are also the part of this plant thingy project as in coming time we will be able to monitor our growth and everything with just an app in our smartphone. As several artificial birds will be flying around in our fields.

From humidity and temperature to the yield we could be able to monitor everything in coming time.

True gift we can say or one more futuristic advancement in Technology as these smart wearable products will not only be cheap but durable and could be used on a large scale.


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