Molar Mic is a device and a new and unique speaker cum microphone which will fit in your teeth  and will then be used as a microphone or Bluetooth head phones and you don’t even need to put your phone on your ear.

Molar mic is effectively called ATAC system a two way communication system that consists of small microphone that clips to your back teeth, we can hear through cranial bones which transmit the sound to auditory nerve.

You might be wondering how this device connects to your phone or any walkie-talkie in case of military purpose well there will be a magnetic induction loop around your neck tied which will make the connection possible between the molar mic and your device.

This molar mic will use vibrations that will make the sound of the caller reach your ears internally through your mouth and while directly talking you can have a conversation with the other person.

Isn’t it cool but yes some people will find it a bit ewe as who puts a speaker in the mouth that too on permanent basis because in my point of view you cannot take it out or there must be a bit long procedure or anything.

Molar mic is a great technology and a next level device or military purposes and for intelligence agents as this could be one of the devices that could help army men in sending messages during missions or on any target objective more effectively and easily.

After all it’s about security of the country and you never know if there is any danger rolling just near you. This device could be of great help in conversations and talking while on any missions.

And it’s true that US military has filed a very big 10 million dollar deal with the company named SONITUS TECHNOLOGIES, a California based company which is making this molar mic.

You know the best part I liked about this device is that military personals have to go through various rigid and tough conditions and patrol in areas where we can’t even survive so this device will also be more tough or we can say durable.

At last I would like to say technology should always be used for the betterment of the people and this device is a perfect example for this.

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