Royal Enfield launched its latest edition of Royal Enfield bikes namely Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 with an engine of 650cc and a smooth 5000rpmand continental GT 650.

We can get an idea from last year’s Milan bike show where its only engine was released.


Well we don’t have to talk much about Royal Enfield as being one of the most favorite classic bikes the entire world due to its design, power and rigidity. And Of course its look being so unique and a proper old school type which never get old.

Royal Enfield is a type of company whose bikes have never been old. And from a teenager to a senior citizen everyone love this bike and being awarded many times in various categories for its structure and design.

Not going into detail Royal Enfield Interceptor will be having a peak horsepower of 47PS at 5,250rpm and the red line is set at 7,500rpm.

The Royal Enfield Interceptor has a 13.7 liter fuel tank which is good as compared to the previous 13.5, not a big change but yes it is good to be improved.

The 650 Twin sounds great, as this will be having two cylinders which is quite a great achievement and will truly make this bike even smoother.

This time royal enfield has improved the smoothness of the bike as 650 cc looks like a quite big and not so easy to handle deal but company has assured and after various tests on road Interceptor has given great results.

Royal Enfield hasn’t decided a launch date but it looks like mid-November will be the initial goal for these two bikes.

Talking about price range it will be around shocking 3 LAKH ranges which is a thing to look for a twin cylinder bike of that of 650 cc.

Looks like Royal Enfield is here again for their customers and take the market on a whole new level.

Talking about its affordable range price these bikes will definitely become an upgrade for the previous Royal Enfield owners and for people who are looking forward to buy it especially in India.

India ,Yes because it is one of the favorite bikes for Indians and for people who love to have an allover perfect bike with mileage , look ,price range and even safety.

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