CALIFORNIA will become the first state to make a law for cyber security mainly for smart devices(Internet of things) which could be controlled by your phone or any app featuring it.

Law will be starting from January 1, 2020 and is implemented by California to increase and check the security for the people.

As we all know by the end of this decade we will definitely be covering our home with smart devices.

And just imagine if any robbery or hacking or any challenge is faced by people then what with just a tap on mobile the robbers or hackers will have full control of our home.

From cctv to our smart home devices, from computers to phones, to smart doors or any hard substances which can be controlled digitally.

Imagine how dangerous it could be if a person has full control of our house or devices.

So this could be a step by California government to state the more and more security of these smart devices which are connected to your phones or any hand device controlled.

Devices which can be controlled digitally with a single click on your phone like a remote control system.

This could be no less than a breach on your personal belongings and security.

Marketing and competition is the most important and number one priority of every company.

But Security should be the first priority for everyone, like if a company is launching any product it should be tested by experts especially for security reasons.

Passwords should not be written somewhere or should be different for every device which is one of the main reasons stealing of data occurs.

Not only California every country should take measures for this and should participate in making more and more secure platform for every device.

Because smart devices is on a rapid rise and by the end of this decade we will see how far the limit has reached and consumption of electronic and digital products which are smart and better.



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