Looks like Fortnite makers won’t let you take a break from your computer with their new season 6 that launched this 27th.

DJ Llama will be worth watching for in this new season with new skins and battle pass upgrades.

Best thing about this game I like is that makers of Fortnite make content or bring so much creativity in their game.

The colors the mixture of characters and uniqueness of different machines guns to all the features of maps and other things, which amaze me so much.

Fortnite Season 6 is all about “darkness rises”. The cube is back and it has corrupted different areas of the island, spawning Shadow Stones.

You can consume the Shadow Stones to uncover their powers, if you dare. Once you consume a Shadow Stone you won’t be able to use weapons but you will become invisible to enemies when stationary and you will gain increased movement speed, jump height and fall damage immunity.

There are also new aspects to the map like floating islands and growing crops so it’s best to get exploring and find out.

Pets are also coming to Fortnite for the first time. It looks like you can get a new dragon, lizard and even a dog to accompany you on your travels.

I have played this game and seems like I just want my laptop and bunch of food aside me so that I can play this game for hell a lot of time and could get up never.

The other similar game namely PUBG (player unknown’s battle grounds) too has a much craze in the youth and this too being so attractive game like the Fortnite.

The best part about these games is their calling and talk feature that you can talk with your mate while playing the game in a team and the voice is so clear.

And the second best part is that it is compatible with all forms of gaming whether it is Xbox , PlayStation ,PC or your handy laptop, of course there are some minimum requirements which is essential for a fps games like these.

One thing I learned from this games craze is that if you want to be successful you must find a thing which gives you a great kick.

Because its worth investing on a game like this and which you definitely know will make you billions in no time like these two PUBG AND FORTNITE.

What are these just a subsidiary game which just got so much popular within no time that their makers made millions and billions of dollars just from one game.

Don’t forget that these both have made world records of having playing so many people simultaneously.

Trend of games is rising rapidly and will rise more so lets hope I and you too could also make something like this to make millions of dollars.



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