Belgian government take a legal action against Google after it has shown some of the sensitive military positions like military bases and some nuclear plants by marking positions.

Google maps which are one of the most successful apps being used in every corner of the world could face difficulty in court.

As Google has also faced these types of difficulties in showing some of the sensitive areas of Germany, Netherlands and France too.

As these countries asked Google to blur the military sites on their maps.

These countries have claimed that Google don’t compromise the military and other sensitive areas which should be blurred and should not be shown in some typical positions.

As this harms the national security of the country after all you are giving whole sense of information to everyone.

Google said that they will cooperate with them as they previously also have settled these types of disputes and could look forward to make a better deal out of this rather than going against.


After all technology is made for betterment of human beings not for making things worse.

Google maps are a great app and help millions of people every day to locate accurate positions and addresses.

This app helps us even to show the best route and map the whole path with exact timing and type of traffic we could face in our way.

From every street to a state Google maps has the data of every pin point location which is helpful in many ways.

But when things come to security and military or other sensitive regions there are things and terms that every company even Google should take care of.

After all everything in this world has a limit and boundaries which should always be kept in mind while doing these things on such a big platform.


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