James Allison of the US and Tasuku Honjo of Japan won the Nobel on Monday for identifying two different brakes on the immune system which, when turned off, allow the body’s defense system to attack cancerous cells faster and more effectively(immunotherapy).

In other words a new and a better treatment developed named immunotherapy could replace chemotherapy for some specific type of cancers.

Immunotherapy is not so big replacement but up to some extent and in some of the specific type of cancers this could fight and a patient could be at a better stage with less side effects.

In this our body’s own white blood cells will work on the cancer cells to destroy them and help our body to immune(hence not going into exact medicinal details how it works).

Cancer being one of the diseases with high price of life and at stage which can’t be controlled has now a new way to be treated.

Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments for cancer as it targets effected cells as well as normal cells which has many side effects on a patient.

But this is changed by these two Nobel peace prize winning Scientists as they told in a press conference.

Immunotherapy could have fewer side effects and could make our own immune system a weapon against the cancer cells and fight them.

This will in turn lead to fewer side effects as compared to chemotherapy.

“A lot of conventional cancer therapies are about destroying cells and can be quite damaging, but this is much more targeted and much more specific because it’s enabling our immune cells to come in and actually kill the tumor cells directly,” she told AFP.

They also told that it as if now can only work on specific cancers like melanomas, lung cancer and smoking.

But they told that within 5 years we could take the medicine and research field for cancer and make it more and more helpful to the patients.

Cancer is so much scary in just its name and is one of the common diseases which has no cure until now up to a stage and is yet to find for the high and last stages.

Cancer after a level or stage cannot be cured and as if a person could know when he is going to die.

It could happen to anyone as told in researches and also in the old and ancient books because it is not a disease that happens to a person because of any type of food or any unhealthy thing you eat.

It only happens to those who don’t love themselves and just don’t care about their body.

This life has so much to love and so much to explore as we take birth to explore and live.

So rather not going so deep into philosophy or any motivation just love yourself and take care of your body.

This is a gift and no one or nobody should waste it.


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