The OPPO FIND X That Wins Customers


Well we don’t know the exact date as OPPO has not confirmed when they will launch the first ever smart phone with 10 GB of ram.

10 GB ram in smartphones well, this is a great topic to discuss if we want that much of ram or not in a smartphone.

Because 10 GB in a smartphone which is mainly more than the normal or basic range laptops.

We know that better performance and better screen resolution needs a better ram.

With high end processor like snapdragon’s 845 we need a good amount of ram to make a smartphone work better.

But 10 GB could be a giant leap here are some of the questions rises like do we really need that much of ram in a smartphone.

Gaming Trend is rising rapidly and as we know everyone needs a better and better phone and a laptop for high end gaming.

Because with changing time games too will become better and will need good amount of minimum specifications to work in the best environment.

We can take example of PUBG and Fortnite which too work in an environment or only mid-range and flagship smartphones which give the highest amount of graphics.

So it’s 10 gb now in 2018 well what or on which level would smartphones go when it comes to 2030 if we talk about.

OPPO FIND X has its 8 GB variant in the market and we can buy it on

Being obsessed with technology I too find it very interesting where our market of smartphones is going with so much fighting going on between the big tech giants.

Like apple and Samsung, Oppo and Vivo, Xiaomi and Huawei these have been constantly working to become best and take over the market in the coming years.


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