Chatbots at lab in Facebook created their own non-human language to converse as they could manage to develop and prioritize things in their own way.

Facebook FAIR lab had been working on Artificial Intelligence for a much long time and they saw this behavior being one of the greatest advancements and a shocking step forward in the future of AI.

Chatbots were given spontaneous machine learning for better and better skills in language to become smarter.

As they conversed instead of learning they created their own non-human language which could be only understood by them.

Also being more efficient as they were giving more and more better results with the questions and their calculations.

They became as better at prioritizing things and compromising on things as which were to be taken at last or were not so important.

This is why AI is so much interesting topic to discuss as the models made by humans were actually able to understand and converse in a much better way.

One thing that definitely we should learn is after ongoing continuous research in AI by these so much big and small companies that there is much more to learn in AI.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning being one of the major topics on which research is going on is that we don’t even know how far we have went.

There could be a chance that that if there are 10 levels of AI then we haven’t even reached one tenth of that.

How machine understands and learns from humans there could be countless number of possibilities.

How they develop more and more intelligence this could be a major point to discuss.

This discovery also highlights how much we still don’t know about the ways that artificial intelligences (AIs) think and learn even when we create them and model them after ourselves.

Is this a breakthrough in AI research or a threat that we will have to decide before robots takes down our world.As AI in coming years will definately break the jobs of many people!



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