3D music is now coming into trend and has been talked recently by major leaders in various fields to take music and listening experience to a whole new level.

Well this could be an interesting thing to talk about looks like sound from all sides come into your ears like a live concert.

When I came across this thing recently I opened Youtube and searched 3D music.

Then well when I listened to the songs, I could not take my headphones off as it is a whole new experience to me.

I can’t explain it in words Trust me, it looks like even you are truly in a live concert sitting and listening to live singers.

And the quality of the songs that I came across on this channel of  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS4GT_d9g2k   youtube of 3D music is so soothing.

You just plug and play any song the worst song you rather never played will look like so close to your heart and ears that if the singer is singing in your ears.

The waves or sounds move in such a way that it looks like sound coming to yours are coming from every direction, left right up and down back front from everywhere.

3D music just doesn’t have its name 3D it truly is giving a special and a whole new level of music experience.

The voice is so damn clear that you can listen to each and every instrument so clearly and even a single string of guitar could be heard with a clear note of voice.

So how are 3D songs made?

“It is the manipulation of sound frequencies in a manner that these float between the available output channels,” said Ankit Padiyar aka “Zurxes”, DJ & Music Producer and Owner of Youtube network “Teen D”.


Feeling the music inside your head is all about 3D music. We can hear them on these youtube channels.

As well as a good investment in stereo and surround sound speakers which will give 3D music or we can say 360 degree sound experience.

Next level music is on!

Let’s see where will the market of 3D music go in 5 years.


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