Instagram introduces new nametag feature on the side bar of search option to add friends more quickly.It is a new way to add friends on Instagram making it better and more fun. We have seen similar features in snapchat which have a bar code type feature which help us to scan and add friends more quickly.First thought that came to my mind was why even we need this feature as we can directly add someone’s name and add him.But when at first I used this feature this made and helped in saving much more time as we can add that exact person as everyone will have a unique code or identity.

We know there are thousands of people with the same name which sometimes become very irritating to add friends. So Instagram CEO must be thinking why we leave our self behind in the race of social media and market. To use nametag, users need to go to their profile on the app, tap the button with three lines at the top, and select ‘Nametag’.Instagram nametag is a customizable identification card that allows users to find others profile when it is scanned.

It is a unique identity or we can say a personal security card or identity card to identify our self.Instagram is one of the top most used social Apps where information from all over the world is uploaded.It has become so wide in recent years that it is taking the market so rapidly because there are Instagram users who get money for their posting content.

We know that on some level or good content can get your account monetized or in other terms you can make business from your social accounts.Whether it is Instagram or any other platform, why I am talking about Instagram is that there are people among us.Who are making a good amount of money by following their passion and posting that content whether it is a video or just a Photo.


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