Siberian constructing technologies have made a special designed polystyrene concrete which is hard, unbreakable and lightweight.

The main motive of this company is to give toughness to your buildings either it is your house, office or anything.

While I watched and learnt about this polystyrene concrete, it is something that is tough, durable and easy to handle.

You must be thinking this could be a very heavy type of material, but it is a very light weight material which could be used and handled very easily. Talking about its toughness this is a great product which could replace our old techniques of making houses, particularly these companies are making efforts to make it worldwide.

Because polystyrene concrete is lightweight, solid, can withstand huge amount of pressure, and much more. Talking about the weather conditions it can withstand better against water and fire both.

The best part about this concrete I liked is that it is less denser even than water, that means it can float on water, you can think how light a single big piece of this would be.

Polystyrene is hard but easy to cut, saw and even drill that means workers donot have to make much effort while making any building with this product.

Through various rigid and hard tests this material has always given good results and could be used in whole world.

pollution is also one of the major problems that people have to face while building something which is solved by this type of concrete.

Not only polystyrene concrete there are other things and products like aerated concrete ,foamed concrete and polystyrene foam which are already being used in various regions.

This could help us in areas like hurricane effected and other earthquake Bourne places where people are suffering from these natural calamities and could withstand more pressure and other problems  up to some extent.

Places where people live in slum could have their own home with this new type of innovative and cheap technology.



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