This is a Nanobag which is better and convenient than any other plastic or any bag to carry your stuff.

Nanobag is made for people to make and fulfill the needs of what a great and a better environment means.

These could replace plastic bags and could be used anywhere and everywhere to hold your stuff more conveniently.

There are two types of bags called a Nanobag and a Nanopack which could be used for specific purpose. These are ultra-light, tough and carry anywhere bags which could be a great replacement for plastic bags which is one of the major problem making things.

Nanobag is as thin as 0.05mm and could fit in your small side pocket but talking about its toughness it is way better than the other bags and stuff holders. This bag could hold up to 25 kgs and is weights only 22gms which is the weight that we could compare to a coin.

Well this could be an upgrade to our paper used or recycled bags as this will not tear break or anything as the Nano technology is so rigid and strong to hold it throughout.

The Nanobag has a small pough like structure or a small pocket type made so that you can just insert the whole bag fabric into it and take it away anywhere just put it in your pocket.

There is a website called which would help you in finding more details about it and as it’s just a concept based bag so it is under funding which could become a big company one day and hopefully we get to use one of these two of the Nanobags and Nanopack.

Nano technology has always surprised Scientists in every field whether it is Medical or any Experimental based Startup Organizations or any type of wearable, we always get to learn more and more things about Nano Tech.


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