Apple launched IPad pro its latest generation tablet ,which is definitely a good device and could be one of the top options to pick.

Ipad pro will definitely come with a finger print on the power button which is the new and user friendly feature and yes thay had put the Iphone technology of face unlock too in the Ipad pro so just look and unlock like your Iphone.Face id feature has its best feature that could also be used to download your new apps and versions,which is good.


The 11” variant is starting from 799$ and 12.9” variant is starting from 999$ but this is only the price of tablet and you will not get Apple pencil or keyboard with it thay have their separate range starting from 179$ and pencil(2 gen) at 129$.


It comes in 2 variants 11” and 12.9” LCD rentina display which is completely a screen with same aspect on each side which looks quite good as compared to previous versions of ipads.It is thinner than previous models and lighter too which is better to handle.

A12 X bionic chip makes it better and faster definitely and will also help us do multitasking like videochat with your friend while writing your article,or checking out news.

Yes finally Apple upgraded to the Type-c cable in their devices which will not be the complain anymore. Battery life of apple products like tablet and macbook has always been promising and we can expect a good battery life this time too.

Apple pencil

This one is my favourite thing that will definitely make you buy the Ipad pro as this pencil for your ipad is awesome,that means just tap or touch anywhere on the pencil and make your things work,basically it is touch responsive, and it will magnetically attach to the ipad and charge automatically how cool isn’t it.

Apple keyboard

Like google tablet that was launched recently apple also give th apple keyboard for people who write stuff and articles and yes it is definitely premium and elegant,Like google’s keyboard I really don’t know if it is backlit or not.




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