This is a new way to power your house, as Solatube is an optical technology based device that bends sunlight into in its dome structure during the day and will automatically convert into electricity.


There is interior mounted solar panel that stores the light and then connected fan or fixed light is made to work.

There is a specially designed fixture lenses that evenly disperse the sunlight throughout your room creating a natural lit place.

This outside dome is connected to decorative fixtures, ventilation, light , daylight dimmer and other different devices depending on your priority in your house inside.

Dome is placed on the roof which is connected to the devices with the help of a fixed ultra-reflecting pipe and then goes way into your room to that particular device.


Solatube could be the direct replacement for our home devices like fans that work on transferred electricity; we can now directly convert solar energy into electricity and use it in real- time.

Seems like this could be a great update to our standard power saving electricity devices.

Smart light automatically switch on at night and stored energy in the photo voltaic cells is then used as power output.

The ray bender technology helps Solatube to absorb maximum light and also reject the overpowering in the summer hot days. As it will provide consistent daylight throughout the day.

And the integrated solar module which contains photovoltaic cells will collect light and store it in the solar panels which then smart nightlight will automatically comes on at night.

Solatube has great features which will help us making Daylight soft, ventilation will be done and the best part Night lighting options which could be the most important feature for this.

As you can not only enjoy the sunlight but also make its further use by saving energy.

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