TESLA in co working with CAVIAR has made an IPHONE X TESLA which has a solar panel fixed at back of its body and charges directly from sunlight.

Well we all know ELON MUSK is always up to something better, unique and the most importantly efficient and this IPhone X could be the future.  After launching cars and other projects this could be the next thing we could see in the market.

CAVIAR has made the impossible possible with this unique development of the IPHONE X TESLA the 100 percent solar charging IPhone  which is definitely eco-friendly and the most important part this is the future of smartphones and the upcoming technology meaning it is efficient and eco-friendly.

This IPhone literally gets its power and charges from the air, as this IPHONE X TESLA is equipped with solar batteries that converts the light energy into electricity and make your phone work like a normal smartphone.

This IPHONE X TESLA is actually made to honor the great ELON MUSK who is actually known for his breakthrough technologies in the field of saving energy, solar batteries and much more impossible technologies that had his most role in.

CAVIAR case for this IPhone includes your IPHONE X TESLA, Authenticity certificate, USB cable, charger, stereo set, warranty certificate. There are two variants of this solar charging phone 64GB and 256 GB.

This IPHONE X TESLA looks definitely like a futuristic smartphone having a smart solar panel at back below its camera and on back at right side of it shows a meter where you can see the battery of the solar panel.

The accumulator battery under the solar panel is 2200 mAh and could take 30 hours to charge completely and the blue signal on the meter shows that the phone is actively charging. And turn this on to green light to switch off the charging through solar panel.

YES ITS definitely the future of smartphones, but will you spend more than 4500$ for this futuristic IPHONE X TESLA!


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