Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About ONE PLUS 6T vs One plus 6t Mclaren edition

As people are huge fan of One plus smartphones these days and as it is definitely a best phone in the flagship range and with mclaren edition stakes are already made high by One plus.

They recently launched the One Plus 6t Mclaren edition with 10GB of Ram and also the special edition contain some fancy stuff , but the best part is and the thing most people are interested in now days in the warp charge .

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DIFFERENCE IN CHARGING ( main difference)

Regular One Plus 6T charges your smartphone to 50 percent in30 minutes in the fast charging which every One plus 6T supports but the OnePlus 6T mclaren edition charges 50% battery in just 20 to 21 minutes here is what the major difference comes, after 50% both smartphones have same charging speed almost but yea the total time taken by Mclaren edition is 20 minutes less to 100% where it takes only 65 minutes to full charge with warp charge method but the normal One plus 6T takes 85 minutes from 0 to 100% with flash normal charging which for me is quite a difference.

Also it is because the warp charge in Mclaren edition Oneplus 6t give 30 watt juice to the battery where normal One plus 6T give only 20 watt juice which makes the difference.


In this special edition there will be a special yellow color look on the edges down on the back on phone with the carbon fibre with the yellow charging cable for Warp charge and even there is a book with a shield of glass having a carbon fibre Mclaren logo and its history within the book itself.


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