YOLK ELECTRONICS  is a company which have come up with the idea of this power milk as a reward to the students as they could study in school which will stop child labour being one of the most important problems of countries like Africa, this a solar cow will charge various bricks of power milk as power banks which students could take home while these bricks charge at school and take them home with them which could be used to charge their batteries of phones, could be ised in lamps and fans and even more things.

This will help students come to school everyday as they study and wait for the power milk to be charged again everyday from the solar cow and take them back home.

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Solar Cow Project

Solar Cow rewards parents with free access to electricity in exchange for sending their children to school. YOLK install a Solar Cow, a solar system, in school and distribute Power Milk, a power bank. In the morning, children can plug the Power Milk into the Solar Cow and study at school while waiting for it to be charged. The Power Milk that children bring it home after the school day will be good incentive to parents to send the children to the school rather than the workplace.

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As said by the company 150 million children are suffering from Child Labor and they are deprived of childhood and educational opportunities due to child labor. The solar cow project aims to help prevent the serious issue of child labor and provide educational opportunities.  It is a social engineering project that rewards parents with free access to electricity in exchange for sending their children to school.

This solar cow will help in many ways to stop massive problems in a single go like electricity and even child labour at once.


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