The most easiest platform for students who want to earn money while you are in college well blogging should definitely on your top list.

Blogging is just as simple and a very easy way of earning money as you just have to write and earn, rest things will be done side by side , blogs, articles and sponsored articles this is all what blogging consists of.

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This is the best way according to me because you can write articles about your favorite things, hobbies, any specific review of a product or any particular niche if you want to follow as if you are a guitarist or just play piano , write a blog about new songs or any new music that you just made, lyrics and songs notes of any instrument.

We all know that there is so much potential in College students and that should not go waste so the energy and effort that students put to learn new things can be showcased through blogging easily you just have to write about the stuff you do and that’s it.

Well if you are a foodie write about the food around your city that you recently ate with some of the clicks through your phone with a 300 word article, or fitness freak showcase your diet plans because these are the things that never gets old and there are people around the world that will read your content. And in return you will earn good amount of money.

Write about your day to day reviews of books, movies, shows, any particular app or anything and you can earn money from that!

For example- www.eofire.com this website shows its monthly income and here is their latest stats of last month how much they have afcourse its been a while this is one of the established websites on internet today but they started from zero definitely.

It is estimated that around 14000 websites are made each day with as much as 100 blogs are uploaded every second so why are you behind.

Billions of dollars are roaming through just internet as we know Google , they have Their Google adsense that will help you monetize your blogs from where you can earn good money!

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Well YouTube is for you if you are a Social media freak which means you are not fearing of posting your videos on internet so just upload videos and earn from them just like blogging!

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Well we all use YouTube and it is the most growing platforms in the world because people are inclining toward content creation more these days as it is known that vlogging(shooting) your daily routines and uploading them every day has engaged one of the biggest user base on the youtube.

YouTube is a great platform to earn money while you are in college and for people who do not fear coming in front of camera and making videos , because there are unlimited niches on internet and a very wide range of users with different interest like gaming reviews, posting gameplays, reviews, unboxing, daily vlogging and much more so you just have to have a camera or just shoot with your smartphone and voila!

Well for starting from zero it will be difficult but remember legends are not made in a day so just relax and enjoy what you do and there will be time when you will think of becoming a full time you tuber or professionally make videos that will get sponsored and well rest you know you will earn money while you are in college.

Because sponsored videos and posts are the always good ones and most engaging ones that will help you earn money while you are in college!

Your videos will be monetized as your fan base is enough and had met all the conditions of google, then you will earn money!!

There are billions of videos on YouTube and 300,000 videos are uploaded each day and more than millions of watch hours are spent by people on YouTube which is as far as one of the most important community for many companies throughout the world!!



Being in college there are many other ways like freelancing and surveying sources where you can earn money but that too donot have that wide amount of niche and sometimes these works become very boring so these two are the best and as far as most growing platforms till now and its 2019 but they have not made that hype but in coming years it would be very difficult for every individual to have a passive sources because in every niche there are people who have already established there ways and are doing well , so my opinion is take it easy start steadily and you will definitely achieve and earn money while you are in college !!