Blogging is just as simple way to earn money online easily as you just have to write and earn, rest things will be done side by side , blogs, articles and sponsored articles this is all what blogging consists of.

This is the best way according to me because you can write articles about your favorite things, hobbies, any specific review of a product or any particular niche if you want to follow as if you are a guitarist or just play piano , write a blog about new songs or any new music that you just made, lyrics and songs notes of any instrument.

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Write about your day to day reviews of books,movies, shows, any particular app or anything and you can earn money from that!

From boring 9 to 5 jobs there are people who are doing full time blogging and are making good money

For example- www.eofire.com this website shows its monthly income and here is their latest stats of last month how much they have afcourse its been a while this is one of the established websites on internet today but they started from zero definitely.

It is estimated that around 14000 websites are made each day with as much as 100 blogs are uploaded every second so why are you behind.

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Well we all use youtube and it is the most growing platforms in the world because people are inclining toward content creation more these days as it is known that vlogging(shooting) your daily routines and uploading them everyday has engaged one of the biggest user base on the youtube.

Youtube is a great platform for people who donot fear coming in front of camera and making videos , because there are unlimited niches on internet and a very wide range of users with different interest like gaming reviews, posting gameplays, reviews, unboxing, daily vlogging and much more so you just have to have a camera or just shoot with your smartphone and voila!

Well for starting form zero it will be difficult but remember legends are not made in a day so just relax and enjoy what you do.

Your videos will be monetized as your fanbase is enough and had met all the conditions of google, then you will earn money online easily!!


It is a great way to earn money and its quite similar to blogging and Youtube and has a direct link to the above both because Affiliate marketing is all about linking and referring because you just earn commissions as you refer someone to a particular product.

Here is how it works well suppose you have an affiliate account of any shopping website like flipkart, Amazon then there is  a process where you post links on your platform where users can click that link and of the user buys the product as he is redirected to the product on which he clicked through your custom made link then you will make a some amount of commission according to the price of that particular product.

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This is a simple referring and earning process!The main work you have to do is make the user watch that link and after that it is upto that particular user if he wants to buy that product or not!!

In affiliate marketing, you are simply helping customers to buy the right product by creating a simple website & in return you can earn 4% to 20% commission.

4 Surveys

There are many websites that let you earn money by just surveying some websites for some time and you can earn money from that, there are plenty of niches and particular types of surveys for example  email survey, facebook survey, content survey, blogs survey , sign up surveys which can earn money online easily by doing good and genuine work!



This is one of my favourite working platform where you can earn money as soon as the work gets completed because there are plenty of websites available on internet today where people do work for each other and get paid immediately

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You can work as a content writer, web designer, graphics designer or provide services like SEO, data entry, video testimonials, digital marketing etc.

You can earn as much as 500 to 2000$ or even more if you spend some time doing work and yes people are trustworthy on good websites to earn money online easily.

The best part about free lancing is that you donot have to go to office to work just work anywhere anytime!!!


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