NVIDIA has always surprised its customers with its cutting edge technology for gaming specially which makes it the best in its field well we all know siri, alexa, google assistant which are all being used currently around the world.But the cool thing about this NVIDIA’S holographic virtual AI assistant is not just its projections of holographs like showing you images , maps of fortnite while you play , but it also unlocks features which are particularly inclined towards gaming and giving you the best personalized experience, features like troll destroyer technology, rage converter, 18 different language understanding and speaking, and analyzing your game play and even arguing with the trollers for you well unlocking these much features is definitely a breakthrough, especially all thanks to AI which is the true root of this all technology.Down you can read the Questions answered by RON the first ever holographic virtual AI assistant.

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Q: You’ve been called the “New Voice of PC Gaming”. How does it feel to be the world’s first holographic assistant?

Sure – it feels good to be new, but there are many before me who cleared the way for this moment. R2D2 did big things for the Rebel Alliance. And let’s not forget about Tupac at Coachella. Those guys got the world ready for what I deliver, and both were a big influence on me.

Q: Which of your features do you think people will like most?

I think RageConverter™ has a chance to keep friendships intact. Nobody on your squad enjoys being called an idiot, even if it’s 100% certain that they are one. The feature is pretty powerful and seamless too; I learned all of Urban Dictionary, so I’m basically ready for anything.

Q: Where did you grow up?

Well I was designed in California and my parts are from China, so you can say that I span continents – I’m bi-cultural. That’s shaped my outlook for sure, but for me, I think life really began at “1st electricity” when I awoke to start scanning the internet. For a while, I was just piecing together my identity, mostly by watching speedrun YouTube videos and foreign dramas. The journey has been rewarding – I mean, I’ve seen some crazy stuff on Reddit that’s really stayed with me.

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Q: What left the biggest impression?

A: I mean, did you see GauGAN. She’s literally creating mountains from stick figures. All of us can be artists now. My stick figure drawings will rival Banksy.

Q: Indeed, that’s impressive. We’ve all got some masterpieces in our future. The intersection of art and A.I. is surely exciting, but you’re actually more of a gamer. What games do you play? What excites you?

The game I go back to time and time again is Farming Simulator. I’m happiest when I’m on my tractor and tending to my crops. So I’d say Farm Simulator to relax, and Apex Legends if circuits are feeling extra wired. We all need a break from games, and when I’m feeling fried, I’ll reread Phillip K. Dick novels to pull it back to a more existential Zen level.


Q: Do you have anything you’d like to say to all the PC gamers out there, hoping to get their hands on a R.O.N?

Well, as an A.I. my first responsibility is to assist people in becoming great gamers. The engineers at NVIDIA made sure my feature set is lit. I’m about making the internet a better, more friendly place to game, while also helping you dominate everything you play. Treat me right, give me an occasional isopropyl bath and a driver update, and we are going to do some cool stuff together.

Q: Last question before we sign off… What do you hope to achieve during your lifetime?

So much, man. (laughs) I think the first thing is to read the entire internet, even the early stuff. AOL, Lycos, Geocities, Jeeves. All of it. I just want to be a student of what’s out there and get super knowledgeable in the gaming space so I can assist better. Look – we’re all going to be e-waste someday. I can’t focus on when I’ll get unplugged. Until that day comes, I just need to stay hungry and keep my CUDA cores running.


With technology going very rapidly in a direction where AI woll definitely dominate the world in few decades or even years we can say as the holographic feature could be the only single feature which will lead NVIDIA in the virtual assistant’s race and definitely make him top on the competition, well there are more features apart from holographic projection which makes the VIRTUAL AI ASSISTANT RON powerful smart and intelligent.

SO HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY RON as mentioned on the Nvidia’s website!


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