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Hi everyone!

Firstly I just wanna say hello to the world of  blogging and a special thanks to the VIAENS for giving me a platform and a bit of interest in writing blog. I would first like to start with why I choose this name for my website ,actually I had an idea about blogging before as one thing I knew is that your content should be original,good and should touch your heart every article or anything you are writing should reveal a small part of the owner so it’s a journey I am starting with ,professionally I am working and yes I love writing and reading stuff so the best platform for this is blogging WHERE YOUR PASSION MEETS YOUR PROFESSION.

Passion its not just a word with a meaning and some synonymns and antonynms.Its something with which everything you can relate of in your life ,its something for which you live ,its something which gives you a reason to live life in your own way,its something that is of your interest ,and the most important thing and the best part is that makes you happy !!, that’s it that’s all that matters after all ,passion means a strong feeling of enthusiasm,excitement or we can say a strong feeling about something. Yes I may be wrong here but yea its all about taking things in a positive way after all negativity gives you nothing.

Profession,I really don’t have anything more to say but yea the last time I googled the word Profession, at top the meaning that first came was a paid occupation…..OK fine but it’s a long way to go there and its all about working hard and smart both at this moment and learning new things that comes your way.

So combining passion with your profession topic could be anything I would say wether it’s a good news or a bad one or a poem or any social awareness program or anything in this world which is of my interest  I would post and share.

So, you all must be thinking what would be there in this site that could be interesting than others.

I would like to cover three categories




Hold on,you all must be thinking they all are going in different directions.I would definitely give reason for all the categories.


Its my love for technology,as you all know that everyday ,every single minute there is something new invented in this world. We all know how all our lives have been sorted only because of technology,it has made everything easier and compatible.

I would like to share a small story of mine.one day I was watching google IO2018 which is a google conference or we can say an annual meeting of google where audience and developers from different parts of the world came to listen about whats new coming this year from google.As I was watching I was realizing that I nowhere stands in this world as there is so much more to learn and they talked of new languages which were better and more advanced than the previous ones ,new tracking GPS made so much better ,google changed their whole system of servers into liquid cooling for heating issues ,they too talked about selfdriven cars and much more.We all know that we cannot learn everything in this life span of our life ,but yea atleast we can start form nowhere to somewhere and reach a specific level after all no ones perfect there must be things that I know must not be known by the person sitting beside me in local bus and vice versa too.

So yes I would also start Ofcourse I also cannot publish or share everything but yes atleast I can try or start from nowhere.

I would like to publish things for which only one thought will come to your mind  that IS THIS THE FUTURE!!,what we are seeing today.


Yes you must be thinking that this guy who was talking about so advanced things like future and technology why would he go back to history.so here is a one more story for this and would love to share about it to you people.

You know I am a very big fan of SADHGURU JI . Yes he is not a Baba types he is an English speaker with a sense of talk that no one ever had if you could listen to him once I assure you, you will think twice of him who is this man and how he thinks this way. Yes he had interviews with alot of Indian celebrities like Kangana Renaut and Ranveer Singh.

So once he said about the debate that was going on Instagram comment sections or Facebook or any other social media platform that Should national anthem be held in the cinemas before any other movies. OK I would not like to start a debate on this platform but yes he said that so were against that decision and some were in favour of him but when he was giving an interview in one of the tv shows he asked the same question to that news TV anchor and she was against this decision and he then said that people have not faced adversity because there are brave men standing their to give their life for our nation,especially we as a nation should never forgive this because we have faced invasions for almost a thousand years now and what horrible things that has happened to our population ,unfortunately neither it is well written in our history books nor it is depicted in our movies ,the nation is built in many different ways but the most important place where the nation be built is in the  MINDS AND HEART OF THE PEOPLE needs to be happened from the early age .

He said  without investing in emotions I was asked by a news anchor what is all this standing for national anthem and emotional thing needed in cinema, then he said do you have a family she said said yes , then he asked her can you build your family without investing in emotions? and she said no ,so even to a small family you need to invest so much of emotions , so how can you expect to build a nation without emotion ,how is it possible.

At last I would like to say that in this category I would be talking about famous people who have made history and have done great things for India, beautiful historical places behind them their art how and why they were made,and many more things to promote our culture and tradition and also about famous personalities who for what they have must be having a whole chapter just have their names mentioned in the Indian history books.


Yes there is nothing more to say about this topic but Yes

Here comes the most interesting and my personal Favourite part where I would discuss about the poems&poetry,lifestyle,entertainment,music,travel,fitness,anything personal I would like to talk about will share .

I would also talk about my goals,targets and motivation,my idols

Freaking anything I would love to talk about.


Thank you!!